Pioneers of Precision Medicine

Baylor Genetics pioneered the history of genetic testing. Now, we’re leading the way in precision medicine.

For nearly 40 years, Baylor Genetics has been the leading pioneer in genetic testing. Currently, we offer a full spectrum of cost-effective, genetic testing and provide clinically relevant solutions. Our team’s unmatched knowledge and experience deliver a combination of advanced technology and deep patient data sets that lead to more accurate interpretations.

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Years of Innovation
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PhDs, MDs, certified lab directors, and GCs


Empowering You with Answers that Matter


We empower patients, healthcare providers, and partners with trusted insights, translating scientific innovations into accessible clinical solutions.


As a pioneer in precision medicine, we unlock the power of genetics to transform healthcare and improve lives.

If your question can be answered through genetic testing,

we have the test you need.

With nearly 4,000 test options, no specialty genetics provider offers a selection broader than ours. Baylor Genetics delivers the tests and leading accuracy you insist on. Backed by nearly four decades of research and development, we have the appropriate tests for your patient.

Laboratory Capabilities

Whole Exome Sequencing

Point mutations, insertions, deletions, inversion and rearrangements of the exome are potentially discoverable.

Prenatal Diagnostics

Carrier testing, prenatal exome.


Chromosomal analysis, plus FISH analysis for over 25 genetic disorders and active in the area of cancer cytogenetics.

Molecular Diagnostics

DNA-based testing for the molecular diagnosis, carrier and prenatal testing of hereditary disorders, testing over 150 genes, including rare genes.


Cancer mutation panels using NGS, cancer microarrays, single gene sequencing, FISH analysis, chromosome analysis ,deletion/duplication analysis.

Chromosomal Microarray Analysis

Exon coverage, whole genome coverage, SNP analysis, mitochondrial genome coverage, microRNAs and more.


Featuring our exclusive Global MAPS test for errors of inborn metabolism, plus broad spectrum of quantitative analyses – over 30 enzyme assays.

Interpretation Services

Baylor Genetics offers interpretation services allowing rapid access to genetic experts, deep patient data sets and cutting-edge bioinformatics technology delivering results your patients can trust.


Genetic testing is not just the core of our business, it’s in our DNA.

The Baylor Genetics team consists of PhDs and genetic counselors who have been featured in prominent journals, such as JAMA, Science, and Nature. In addition to our team, Baylor Genetics is complemented with the staff, medical geneticists, faculty, genetic counselors, and researchers at Baylor College of Medicine. Through these combined efforts, we are able to drive new discoveries in research and testing.