Our Licenses

Baylor Genetics, LLC is accredited by the CAP Accreditation Program and individual states’ Clinical Laboratory Certification Programs. Accreditation is a continual process, and the laboratory remains accredited until otherwise notified. If you have any questions regarding lab certificates and licenses, please contact us.

Licenses, Accreditations, Certifications License / Permit #
Federal Registration/Certification
CLIA / Department of Health and Human Services 45D0660090
State of New York 4584
State of California CDS00800035
State of Florida – Discontinued as of 07/01/2018 Notice of Discontinuation
State of Maryland 1419
State of Pennsylvania 027174A
State of Rhode Island LCO00879
The College of American Pathologists 2109314
Medicare Certification
Medicare 393492
National Provider # 1568860062
New York State Approved Test List
NY Restricted Permit Application