Test Discontinuation // Pyrosequencing

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for your continued trust in Baylor Genetics as your genetic testing partner. As we continually upgrade and refine our test menu and services, we want you to be the first to know about the changes that may affect your testing with us.

Effective September 1, 2023, we will be discontinuing tests that utilize pyrosequencing technology. Any samples received prior to this date will be processed and reported.


Test Code Test Description
6000 Achondroplasia Mutation Panel
6028 Factor V Leiden Mutation Panel
6035 HFE Mutation Panel
6045 MTHFR Thermolabile Variant Analysis
6053 Sickle Cell Disease Mutation Analysis
6062 Thrombophilia Mutation Panel
6104 MUTYH (MYH) Mutation Panel
6555 NPC1 Sequence Analysis
6560 NPC2 Sequence Analysis
6805 Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor (9p21 rs10757278)

Available alternative testing options are listed below:

Alternative Testing Option
Test Code Test Description Test Code Test Description
6035 HFE Mutation Panel 5410 HFE Sequence Analysis
6045 MTHFR Thermolabile Variant Analysis 20641 MTHFR Sequence Analysis (Familial Mutation/Variant Analysis)
6104 MUTYH (MYH) Mutation Panel 6120 MUTYH (MYH) Sequence Analysis

If you have specific questions regarding this update, please contact your Baylor Genetics account representative, or please contact our Client Services team at 1-800-411-4636 or email us at help@baylorgenetics.com.

Thank you for your continued business.

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