Baylor Genetics Announces Epilepsy Panels

Latest Panel Analyzes 397 Genes Associated with Several Epilepsy Conditions, Offering an Analysis of Well-studied, Actionable Genes Related to Many Syndromic and Non-syndromic Epileptic Disorders

HOUSTON, TX (JULY 11, 2023), Baylor Genetics, a clinical diagnostic laboratory at the forefront of genetic testing and precision medicine, today announced the availability of an Epilepsy Panel and a STAT Epilepsy Panel with the latter intended for patients with new onset or change in seizure frequency or character. The Epilepsy Panel analyzes 397 genes associated with epilepsy, including Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, SCN1A-related epilepsies, CDKL5 deficiency disorder, Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseases, and developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE). Both panels are performed on an exome backbone via next-generation sequencing.

In addition to epilepsy, seen in the setting of syndromic disorders, the Baylor Genetics Epilepsy Panel offers an analysis of well-studied, actionable genes related to many non-syndromic epilepsy disorders. This disease-specific panel is focused on helping healthcare providers accurately determine if there is a genetic cause contributing to the epilepsy. This method is often utilized in the out-patient setting.

Healthcare providers should consider ordering Baylor Genetics’ Epilepsy Panel for patients with syndromic or non-syndromic epilepsy of a suspected genetic origin. The STAT Epilepsy Panel offers a 10-day turnaround time – one of the fastest available – and should be ordered for patients with new onset epilepsy or epilepsy with immediate therapeutic intervention available.

With Baylor Genetics’ team of experienced scientists and genetic counselors, healthcare providers can be confident that they’re ordering an updated, carefully curated test that draws on over 40 years of internal genomic variant data. In-house genetic counselors are available to assist with results interpretation and, in conjunction with a knowledgeable customer service team, ensure no question goes unanswered.

“When a genetic cause of epilepsy is suspected, a fast and accurate diagnosis is essential to optimize symptom management and treatment and, in some cases, provide information on long-term outcome,” said Dr. Christine Eng, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer at Baylor Genetics. “Not only is our Epilepsy Panel comprehensive, we also offer flexibility on specimen types, including blood, buccal swab, saliva, purified DNA, and cultured skin fibroblast.”

In addition to panel testing, Baylor Genetics offers two of the most comprehensive diagnostic tests backed by expert clinical support for actionable treatment guidance. Whole Exome Sequencing is used to understand the cause of a patient’s symptoms (e.g., phenotype) or a disease, especially when faced with a non-specific presentation that may not be captured in a single panel. It provides insights into all genes in the human body, ensuring a full understanding of most genetic disorders. Whole Genome Sequencing takes this a step further, providing insights into the entire human genome, including the regions between genes. This extensive analysis can significantly increase diagnostic yield over all other types of genetic testing, empowering healthcare providers and patients to make the most informed decisions about future care, family planning, or clinical trial eligibility.

“We’re proud to be a trustworthy genetic testing partner for many healthcare providers,” said Kengo Takishima, President and CEO at Baylor Genetics. “Our Epilepsy Panels are another offering to help both providers and their patients get answers to help end the diagnostic odyssey.”

Baylor Genetics works with healthcare providers to better understand their patients’ conditions so they can provide the best care possible. Visit Baylor Genetics’ convenient online ordering portal to order the new Epilepsy Panel or STAT Epilepsy Panel today.


About Baylor Genetics

A pioneer of precision medicine for over 40 years, Baylor Genetics is a leading diagnostic genomics partner offering a full spectrum of clinically relevant genetic testing, including Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), and comprehensive yet focused panels. A joint venture of H.U. Group Holdings, Inc. and Baylor College of Medicine, which has the #1 NIH-funded Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor Genetics couples the fastest and most comprehensive precision diagnostics options with the support of genetic counselors to help clinicians and their patients avoid a lengthy diagnostic odyssey, guide medical management, and make sure no patient with a genetic disorder gets left behind. Its test menu spans from family planning, pregnancy, neonatal and pediatric testing, oncology and beyond.

Baylor Genetics is located in Houston’s Texas Medical Center and serves clients in 50 states and 16 countries.


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