Q: I am a physician. How do I order testing?

A: Please visit our test catalog and type in your gene of interest, or specific test code, in the search field to learn more about the test, including methodology, sample type, and requisition.

Q: What is the minimum volume for testing?

A: Our minimum volume is dependent on the sample type and testing, which can be found in our test catalog. Most testing requires 3 – 5cc of blood. Please contact our laboratory directly by calling 713.798.6555, or contact us if you possibly may need an exception to the required amount of sample.

Q: What sample type(s) do you accept for testing?

A: Sample types are dependent on the testing desired, which can be found in our test catalog under the specific test of interest. Most of our testing is performed using blood collected in an EDTA (purple-top) tube, and in some cases saliva. Please contact our lab directly by calling 713.798.6555, or contact us if you are considering sending a sample type not listed for the testing you will be requesting.

Q: Can I send extracted DNA?

A: Extracted DNA can be sent when an EDTA sample is the appropriate sample type for a test. This includes Sequence and NGS Analysis, Southern blots (requires 10ug), Microarrays, and MLPA testing.

The following parameters must be met for extracted DNA:

  • 260/280 ratio: between 1.75 and 2.00
  • 260/230 ratio: greater than 1.70
  • .5 – 1 ug/ul concentration or 20 ug

Q: How do I add on testing to an existing sample?

A: If there is sample remaining and you would like to add on testing, you may make your request by contacting us or calling 713.798.6555 with the test code you would like to add. We will have you fill out a test revision form to have testing added on.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: A request for cancellation will be honored if the request is made within 24 hours of our laboratory receiving the sample. Documentation via email or a test revision form is required for cancellation. You can contact us or call 713.798.6555 if you are requesting a cancellation outside of this window.

Q: Can I speak to a Genetic Counselor?

A: Yes, our board-certified, laboratory Genetic Counselors, are available Monday – Friday to help answer any clinical questions, or inquiries related to sample types that are not listed under the testing you are requesting. These requests must be received from the ordering physician, or a genetics professional.

Q: Where do I find the proper requisition for the testing I want to order?

A: Please visit our test catalog can search by test code or gene name. The requisition will be available for each test code.