Test Update // Exome Reanalysis

Effective March 31, 2020 our laboratory will no longer provide Exome Reanalysis free of charge. We will begin offering Exome Reanalysis -Test Code 1900 for a fee, with a TAT of 2-3 weeks which is on an average 83% faster, beginning in June, 2020.

The specific requisition to order exome reanalysis will be available on our website on the same date. The completed requisition form should be faxed to our Customer Support Department at 1-800-434-9850. The reanalysis requests already received will be addressed and results will be sent out when completed.

To optimize the outcome of the reanalysis process, we recommend waiting to order reanalysis at least one year from the date that the original exome report was issued. In addition, please ensure that all new phenotypic information for the patient is provided with the reanalysis request.

If the healthcare professional requesting reanalysis is from a different institution than the original ordering provider, we will require a completed and signed authorization for release of information form to be submitted with the reanalysis order. This authorization form is included in the Reanalysis Requisition.

This test change will allow us to provide timely reanalysis information and service to your patients and their families. Please direct any questions to 1-800-411-4363 or email us at help@baylorgenetics.com . For the most up to date information about our test menu and requisitions, please visit our website at www.baylorgenetics.com.

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