Test Discontinuations Memorandum – Single Gene Cancer Tests

Thank you for your continued trust in Baylor Genetics as your genetic testing partner.

As we continually upgrade and refine our test menu and services, we want you to be the first to know of changes that may affect your testing with us.

Beginning March 6, 2017, we will be transitioning our single gene molecular cancer testing to ARUP Laboratories. The purpose of this transition is to improve efficiencies, which will allow Baylor Genetics to focus on multi-gene approaches to tumor profiling and precision medicine focused on targeted therapeutics.

For the majority of our existing clients, there will be no significant effect on the tests and services they are receiving. This change will not affect normal business operations with Baylor Genetics – continue to send your samples directly to us. Please note that all single gene cancer tests that are sent through us will be billed directly to your organization as an institutional bill.

The tests that will be sent to ARUP Laboratories are listed on the second page of this memo. Also on the second page, we are notifying you of a few test discontinuations. We recommend you visit our website on or after the effective date on this memo, to review changes in test methodologies and appropriate specimen types for each test.

  • Test Code 9205 – Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Gene Rearrangement PCR Assay
  • Test Code 9210 – Ig Kappa Light Chain Gene Rearrangement
  • Test Code 9200 – T-Cell Receptor Beta Gene Rearrangement PCR Assay
  • Test Code 9215 – T-Cell Receptor Gamma Gene Rearrangement PCR Assay
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