CEO Message: Company Response to COVID-19

Continuing to Pioneer Genetics, Even During a Pandemic

When crisis strikes, it shows the true colors and grit of not just a company, but it’s leadership and associates. As Baylor Genetics has reach its second month of COVID-19 related disruptions, I could not be prouder to work beside such compassionate and resilient people.  

The continued cooperation, diligence, and resourcefulness of our associates is unmatched. Every day we are required to navigate what most would call challenges, but to us, these challenges are an opportunity for us to show up and support our partners, providers, genetic counselors, and their patients.  

COVID-19 Disrupting the Genetics Industry 

In every industry, COVID-19 has made some sort of impactWithin a few months, the ability to conduct business in a normal setting has dissipated. This is no exception for the genetic testing industry.  

As a company that works handinhand with providers to find solutions for their patients, this has been time where innovation is required to succeedWhile searching for answers on how to optimize our business, we leaned on each other and technology. With some of the smartest, most highly equipped associates in the field on our side, we have created a streamlined process to serve our providers and their patients from afar. All with one goal in mind – making sure you stay safe and healthy while we provide you the best service we possibly can.  

What BG is Doing to Keep You Safe 

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, it has remained imperative that we make sure the health of our employees, providers, and their patients are at the forefront of all that we do. To protect all parties, our team has worked together to adjust our strategies and update our policies.  

From the beginning, it was essential that we take care of our BG family first. After assessing the risk of keeping our team at the office, we quickly adjusted and implemented a remote work environment. Through trainings hosted by our IT and HR teams, BG has seamlessly become a remote work hub. Through this adaptation, we were able to keep our associates and their families safe.  

Some additional guidelines and resources we have provided to our team are travel guidelines, mental health resources, and continuing to send our weekly and daily updates on the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Once we set up guidelines to protect our associates, we focused on two essential items1) Taking the necessary and precautionary steps to keep our laboratory open and operatingand 2) Supporting our partners, providers, genetic counselors, and their patients by continuing to accept samples 

While the majority of our team works remotely, our essential lab personnel are still commuting to work. These team members have been necessary for BG to operate at full speedWith that, words will never be enough to truly express how grateful we are for our lab operations team.  

Earlier in March, in order to help minimize exposure to COVID-19we emphasized and streamlined the option to have kits shipped directly to patients. With the best technology at our fingertips, we have been able to sustain our previous turnaround times and maintain open communication with our partners, providers, and their patients. 

Embracing the Unknown 

These are unprecedented times we are all living in. It is a time of uncertainty and not knowing what’s next or when this will be over. Now, more than ever, it’s important to focus on improving health and care for our patients through genetics. This is and will continue to remain our company’s mission.  

While we can’t promise this will be over soon, our promise is that we will do everything we can to support our associates, partners, providers, genetic counselors, and their patients.  

From all of us at BG, please continue to protect yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers by practicing social distancingEven when apart, we’re all in this together. 

Sending best wishes and good health,

Kengo Takishima
Executive Officer & President

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