Baylor Genetics Requires Pre-Authorizations For All Patients

Effective August 1st, 2018, Baylor Genetics will require clients to send a pre-verification of benefits request before sending samples to our laboratory.  Our billing team now verifies insurance coverage for all patients to mitigate the risk to Baylor Genetics as well as our clients.

Most insurance providers require pre-authorizations or pre-determinations for genetic testing.  The date of service is always the draw date of the specimen; therefore, we must complete the pre-verification / pre-authorization process before or on the day of the procedure.  Our billing team understands this may cause a change in your workflow. However, we must educate our patients regarding possible out-of-pocket costs.  Patients often receive costly bills due to lack of prior authorizations as well as out-of-network copays and deductibles.

View Baylor Genetics in-network insurance plans by visiting Request online benefit investigations at or by emailing

Baylor Genetics will do its best to secure insurance coverage for your patient. We will attempt to initiate Single Case Agreements for out-of-network payers given the insurance provider agrees with this arrangement. In the event the patient’s insurance provider does not provide coverage for genetic testing, Baylor Genetics can assist patients by offering interest-free flexible payment plans.

To expedite your benefit verification request, please include the following information:

  • Test code(s)
  • Supporting ICD10 code(s)
  • Copy of the insurance card(s)
  • Complete clinic notes

After our verification team has completed the benefits investigation, we will contact the referring provider and your patient to provide information regarding coverage. All patients who have an estimated out-of-pocket will receive financial counseling. Baylor Genetics offers a Patient Financial Assistance program for qualified patients.  For more information, please contact the billing team at (866) 848.4228.  We will notify the referring provider for patients who elect not to move forward with testing due to financial hardship.

Baylor Genetics is committed to providing exceptional service to our patients and clients.  Our goal is to ensure genetic testing is available and affordable for all patients. Please contact our billing team if you have any questions or concerns.

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