Baylor Genetics Featured in Human Mutation Journal for Their Study on Phenotypic Expansion in KIF1A-Related Dominant Disorders

Phenotypic expansion in KIF1A-related dominant disorders: A description of novel variants and review of published cases

Montenegro-Garreaud X; Hansen AW; Khayat MM; Chander V; Grochowski CM; Jiang Y; Li H; Mitani T; Kessler E; Jayaseelan J; Shen H; Gezdirici A; Pehlivan D; Meng Q; Rosenfeld JA; Jhangiani SN; Madan-Khetarpal S; Scott DA; Abarca-Barriga H; Trubnykova M; Gingras MC; Muzny DM; Posey JE; Liu P; Lupski JR; Gibbs RA

Published: September 15, 2020


KIF1A is a molecular motor for membrane‐bound cargo important to the development and survival of sensory neurons. KIF1A dysfunction has been associated with several Mendelian disorders with a spectrum of overlapping phenotypes, ranging from spastic paraplegia to intellectual disability. We present a novel pathogenic in‐frame deletion in the KIF1A molecular motor domain inherited by two affected siblings from an unaffected mother with apparent germline mosaicism. We identified eight additional cases with heterozygous, pathogenic KIF1A variants ascertained from a local data lake. Our data provide evidence for the expansion of KIF1A‐associated phenotypes to include hip subluxation and dystonia as well as phenotypes observed in only a single case: gelastic cataplexy, coxa valga, and double collecting system. We review the literature and suggest that KIF1A dysfunction is better understood as a single neuromuscular disorder with variable involvement of other organ systems than a set of discrete disorders converging at a single locus.

Human Mutation (2020) 

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