Test Kit Supplies

Please refer to each specific test for appropriate shipping conditions. For international shipping kit requests, please contact us. Due to customs regulations, we are unable to cover return sample shipping fees associated with international shipments. To fax in your request, please use the PDF Form and fax the completed form to 1.800.434.9850.

For COVID-19 test kits, please complete the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) RT-PCR Kit Ordering form.

All kits (excluding saliva kits) contain:

  • Foam insert with cavities for vials & kit accessories
  • Absorbent material
  • Parafilm
  • Specimen labels
  • Plastic biohazard bag
  • Clinical Pak
  • Prepaid Airbill (domestic shipping only)
  • Sample requisition
  • Instructions
1Referring Provider
3Select Supplies
4Select Quantity
5Additional Notes

Referring Healthcare Provider

Baylor Genetics utilizes the services of Path-Tec, a leading provider of specimen management services, for sample kit production, fulfillment, and distribution.